I'm a writer who focuses on privacy, security, and technology. Currently, I am the Privacy and Security Activist at EFF.

Previously I covered privacy and security for The New York Times-owned product review site, Wirecutter. I have a goofy blog that is only updated occasionally here.

Before Wirecutter, I was a Senior Writer for the how-to site Lifehacker, where I wrote about security, Apple products, the Raspberry Pi, productivity, and more.

I have written several books, of varying lengths, of both fiction and non-fiction. This includes a small guidebook to cycling in Los Angeles, a collection of surreal flash fiction, and an idiot's guide to the Raspberry Pi. You can find more information here.

My writing has also appeared in a variety of publications, including the Onion A.V. Club, Touch Arcade, and How Stuff Works. Various articles have also been featured on NBC News, NPR, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and others.


The New York Times


Previously Lifehacker

Even more previously

Samples: Westword, How Stuff Works, TouchArcade, Joystick Division, and others.

Interviews and media appearances

NY Magazine, All Things Considered, Marketplace Tech, How to Do Everything, Gameological Society, Health Magazine, NBC.

Fun stuff

RNN Descriptions (fiction), You Are Invited (interactive fiction), Bonk Loop (interactive fiction), Machine in a Golden House (interactive fiction), Two Women Dunk Rocks at Left (interactive fiction), Snarktastic Guide to College Success (contributor), Nothing Without Providence (editor), and more.

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